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Sebring Mirrors

Sebring black
Sebring Black
Sebring black
Rear view
Sebring Chrome
Sebring Chrome
Sebring chrome
Sebring Chrome
Standard equipment on S-2 and Twincam Lotus Europas. These mirrors are available in black or chrome finish with flat or convex lenses. These are original Sebring Mirrors.

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Wink Mirrors

Triple your rearward vision, very useful for the Europa. Multiple panels allow continuous image. Mirrors are coated to absorb headlight and sunlight glare. Easily adjustable to suit any driver. 3 panel model clips to existing rearview mirror.
4 panel mirror is bonded to windshield using adhesive.
Wink 3 panel - 21" long $ 27.00
Wink 4 panel - 29" long $ 34.25
Mounting Kit for 4 Panel $ 8.75