2. Fuel and Ignition Related Components

Air Cleaner
K&N for your stock air box. Oilable element lasts forever.
$ 26.00 - Replacement Filter Europa and Elan with standard air cleaners

Facet Fuel pumps
Electrical fuel pump allows quick starting of car that's been sitting for a few weeks. Cheaper than a rebuild kit. Buy an extra one to keep as a spare and your fuel supply problems are history. Pressure for this pump is 2.5 to 4.5 psi, which is just right for four cylinder cars. Other pressures are available upon request.

Fuel Pump (Bendix type)
Fuel Pump canister contact interrupter type (exact replacement for old bendix as used in older formula cars). Output pressure is 4 to 5 psi.
$ 94.50

Inertia activated Fuel pump Cutout Switch
This switch is designed to shut off electrical power to the fuel pump in the event of a crash. The switch is activated (shuts off) when there is an acceleration of over 10 g's or in the event of a rollover. If there is an accident and the fuel line is ruptured, the fuel flow from the pump is cut off, therefore reducing the risk of post crash fires. The switch has a reset button and the kit includes plug in harnesses, mounting template and instructions. This type of switch is standard equipment in the Lotus Esprit Turbo.
$ 65.00

Fuel filters for electric pumps
AC inline filter - large capacity, cheap
$ 6.00

Fuel filters for Electric Pumps
Fram HPG1 filter assembly with replaceable elements, not so cheap, but a top quality filter good enough to race with. Designed for high flow rates and high pressures, rated at 200 PSI! Very safe and rugged. Filter housing is stainless steel. Filter assembly includes a filter element, and a mounting bracket.
$ 70.00 Filter assembly
$ 10.70 for replacement filter

Fuel pressure regulator
Holley - very small unit, adjustable pressure. Helps to maintain steady gas flow to carburetor even if fuel pump pressure varies. Includes mounting bracket. 1-4 psi range is best or the Elan and Europas with electric fuel pumps. Other pressure ranges are available.
$ 41.30 Range 1-4 PSI

Breakerless ignition
Magnetic type point replacements. The size of a peanut. Fits in your distributor to replace the points. Use with stock coil or with Lucas super coil. Good for high RPM's, 12,000+.
Call for latest price

Rev limiter
MicroDynamics Smoothcut Rev limiter. Small compact size, very accurate cutout. Limit is set with a screwdriver, the adjustment screw has a tamper proof cap. Fast rise time and accurate limit, you hardly notice when they activate. The micro controller prevents backfiring. Maximum adjustment limit for four cylinder cars is 16,000 rpm. Personally race tested, it works!
$ 185.00 rev limiter - up to 16,000 rpm