3. Exhaust system

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Europa Renault Side Draft Inlet Manifold and Header.
One complete assembly for header and inlet manifold . Allows use of a Side draft 45 DCOE. Clears the trunk of the Europa for street machines. Use with Supertrap for a nice exhaust system. Very similar to the Else setup which was a popular tuning item for the Europa in the 60's and 70's.
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Supertrap exhausts
Adjustable back pressure allows compensation for tuning and noise. Quality made from stainless steel.
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Insulation and Heat Shields
Great for keeping out the heat. Locations needed on Lotuses: Europa - under the trunk and on headers if retrofitted. Elan - between the exhaust manifold and the slave clutch cylinder, heat kills it fast. Elan - between the exhaust manifold and the foot box especially when using headers. Esprit - the lower panel near the cat converter, the fire usually starts burning here.
Call for prices 1/8 thick ceramic fiber insulation matt
.03" aluminum plate stucco finish
glass fibre wrap - great for headers