1. Body

Talbot® Mirrors
These are not cheap imitations, they are identical to the originals, just as those sold years ago. Complete with Talbot® logo stamping in housing. Talbot® mirrors were factory or optional equipment on Mercedes, Aston Martin, Porsche, Lotus and BMW in the 50's 60's and 70's. Mirror housings are meticulously hand spun from the finest materials. Mirror lenses have fine optical quality and a slight tint for night driving. Model 300 uses a U-bolt mount and 303 is attached using self tapping screws.

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Sebring Mirrors
Standard equipment on S-2 and Twincam Lotus Europas. These mirrors are available in black or chrome finish with flat or convex lenses. These are original Sebring Mirrors.

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Wink Mirrors

Triple your rearward vision, very useful for the Europa. Multiple panels allow continuous image. Mirrors are coated to absorb headlight and sunlight glare. Easily adjustable to suit any driver. 3 panel model clips to existing rearview mirror.
4 panel mirror is bonded to windshield using adhesive.
Wink 3 panel - 21" long $ 27.00
Wink 4 panel - 29" long $ 34.25
Mounting Kit for 4 Panel $ 8.75

Europa Door Hinge Pin Set
If you have ever spent three days removing the original rusted hinge pins with a hammer or hacksaw you'll appreciate these new hinge pin sets. They are made from stainless steel so they won't rust. They are reengineered to allow quick removal of the doors by the use of push pins. This allows easy door fit up and alignment (you can adjust with the door off and then check the alignment when you install the door). Another benefit is that easy removal allows cleaning of the door jamb and allows better access for working under the dash on the Lucas electrics.
Assembly including pins - each door $ 105


Halogen headlights
Nice lights for your Lotus. Replaceable bulbs. Top quality lead crystal lenses. Choose Cibie or Hella or a Lucas reproduction These headlights may not be street legal.
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The chrome ones are no longer available new so the used prices have gone crazy. We offer a nice fiberglass bumper to replace the chrome ones. You can paint them silver "a la Elan" or paint them the same colour as your car for a custom look. New Elan bumpers also available.
Europa Front $ 83.00
Europa Rear $ 78.00
Elan Front $ 142.00
Elan Rear $ 142.00

Bumper Bolts
These are made from Stainless steel so they won't rust. Nuts have nylon insert (nyloc) so they won't loosen up. The nuts are also stainless. Bolt heads are highly polished to a first class finish.
$ 3 .75 for bolt and nyloc nut (each)


Interior Lights
New light assemblies (complete). Includes integral three way switch. These are standard equipment on the Elan and Europa. Complete assembly includes lens, bulb, gasket, etc.
$ 39.25 each

Fresh air fan
Very similar to the Lucas snail shaped fan used in the S-2 and TC Europas. Manufactured for the corrosive marine environment so they are far superior in materials and quality than the original fan. Available in two styles - flange mount and bracket mount. The bracket mount is most similar to the original fan. The flange mount is easiest to install.
Flange mount $ 99.00
Bracket mount $ 92.00

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Shift Linkages for the Europa S-1 and S-2
The shift linkage has been one of the most irritating problems of the Europa. It has been complained about since the very first road tests of the cars back in the 60's and 70's. As the cars get older and the linkage parts wear the situation gets even worse. We have developed a complete linkage assembly which replaces the entire original linkage. The linkage assembly will remarkably improve the ease of shifting your Europa. Many of these linkages have been sold and everyone who has purchased one has been delighted.
The linkages are based upon the late S -2 linkage which was introduced near the end of the S -2 production run. We have made many improvements to this design.
The improvements of the linkage include:

The linkage includes all items needed to replace the original linkage, from the shift knob to the transmission input shaft.
$545.00 - Complete replacement linkage assembly